The Boston Tea Party

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The colonies united against Britain and became the Unites States of America. Have you ever wondered how it happened? I mean before the American Revolution happened the colonists said that they were proud to be British. How did their mind change all of a sudden? Well, there are many reasons as to why the colonists declared independence. In my opinion, the three major ones are The Stamp Act (1765), The Boston Massacre (1770), and The Boston Tea Party/The Intolerable Acts (1774). England brought the American Revolution onto them when they did such terrible things to the colonists. I think that if Britain did not do such terrible deeds, the colonists would not have wanted independence. Everything was all well and good and peaceful until King George the Third came around with his ideas on how to rule the colonies with more authority. The Stamp Act may possibly be one of the cruelest taxes passed by Britain. It is understandable that Britain needed revenue to recover from the French and Indian war, but this was not the way to go. This act put a tax on ship's papers, legal documents, lic...

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