The Boston Celtics

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The Boston Celtics home of Boston, Massachusetts and well known as the best basketball franchise to ever lay foot on the the hardwood floor. When the topic of the Celtics comes to mind. The names of Red Auerbach, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and the Dynasty team that won eleven championships between 1957-1969. Recently in the 21st century the Celtics have had their fair amount of success and currently are competing in the NBA playoffs to put up the 18th championship banner inside the TD Banknorth. The Celtics big three currently are Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. But the before the 21st century big three the Celtics Dynasty consisted of Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Bill Sharman and the list on Hall of Famers could go on. The Celtics change the outlook of basketball on the entire world and it wouldn’t be where it is at if it wasn’t for the Celtics. From drafting the first African American player, to the invention of the sixth man, to winning 11th championships in just a span of 13 years was incredible. It all started in 1946 when the Celtics were formed. The building of the the dynasty had just begun. Walter Brown, the first ever owner of the Celtics was also in control of other sports evolving in Boston. His first interest was the Bruins and the Celtics were basically the secondary thought he occupied. The reason being probably was because he was in total control of the Boston Garden. Later on Brown became more interested in the Celtics and eventually fell in love with the team. Then Walter Brown decided to hire the great Red Auerbach who is known as the Greatest coach to every experience the game. Auerbach was the son of Russian immigrants and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He was an athlete who was very gifted at the... ... middle of paper ... invented in Springfield,Ma so it isn’t much of a coincidence the basketball evolved so much in Boston. Who knows if African Americans would have the same opportunity of playing basketball if Auerbach had never drafted the first black player or had the first black starting five. He ultimately created is own theory of basketball that still exists now. Auerbach goes down as a God of basketball who really played a key part in the community. Works Cited Freedman, Lew. Dynasty: the Rise of the Boston Celtics. Guilford, Conn.: Lyons, 2008. Print. "Celtics History |" PLAYOFFS 2010. Web. 25 May 2010. . Brown, By Clifton. " The Foundation of a Dynasty." PLAYOFFS 2010. Web. 24 May 2010. .
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