The Book of Thirteen Dares

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I was walking home from a long day of school, tired and hungry. Going at about the pace of a snail, my backpack started to slide off of my shoulder. That was when I first heard the sirens. I kept walking down the sidewalk, and at the same time pulling up my backpack. I looked in all directions trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. After taking a turn onto Devonshire St., the noise grew louder. I saw the police cars and ambulances all hovering around my house. Now running and filled with fear, I saw my older brother, Nolan, and my two younger sisters, Jasmine and Cora, sobbing. “What’s going on?” I asked in shock. “I don’t know! I just got home ten minutes ago, I went inside looking for food and,” said Nolan. “And what?” I said. “I saw mom and dad lying on the floor… they weren’t breathing, Riley,” replied Nolan. “Well they’re okay, right?” I asked in disbelief. “I’m afraid not, “ interrupted a police officer. “How, what happened?” I asked. “We don’t know yet, they’re no obvious signs,” he replied. I still didn’t believe it, how can this be true? One day they’re alive and perfectly healthy, and the next day, they’re dead. Just like that. I run past the police officers and stopped right in front of the bright yellow tape that said CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS. But really, who follows that. I ducked under the tape and ran for the door, avoiding the cops yelling at me to stop and telling me that I can’t go in. I opened the squeaky brown door, stepped inside the house, and closed the door. I gingerly started to make my way over to the kitchen. As I got closer, I saw the tape blocking off the area at the end of the island. As I edged nearer, I felt my hands start to get clammy along with my body, which was also shakin... ... middle of paper ... ...ntil it finally opened, breaking the big jewel knob and making the drawer fall out of the nightstand with everything in it exploding out onto the floor. As I gathered the stuff back up into a pile, I noticed a small brown book. I picked it up and read the title: “The Book of Thirteen Dares.” Curiosity sparked inside of me. I picked up the rest of the stuff that spewed out of the nightstand and put it back. I decided that I would take the book with me and show it to Nolan and the others once they got back from the funeral. “Riley, we’re back,” Nolan yelled from the kitchen. “Hey, how was it?” I asked. “Um… it was fine,” he replied. “What’s in your hand?” asked Cora. “I found a book in dad’s nightstand while you guys were gone,” I said hesitantly. “Why were you in dad’s nightstand?” asked Nolan, sounding angry. “Never mind, just look at this book will you,” I asked.
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