The Book of Authors

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“Poe! I suggest you go about this in a different manner!” William chased Edgar down the hall. It was enclosed with doors, with no secure wall it was a marvel all in itself how the building stood as it did… “Well, excuse me! but I will not have my work strewn about! Poetry is art, and a finished work, does not need to be painted over by a stranger!” the raven haired man scuffled his mustache. He searched through the doors, seemingly as if he was trying to find something. “Poe what have I said? Work is never finished only abandoned-” “I suggest you not mention another word William! How would you like if Juliet where to simply leave and stroll to over to Hamlet?!” There was a moment’s pause, “Here!” He opened the door wide, revealing a scene taking place. “Drink,” the man presented water to another “Amontillado! just what do you think you are doing?” Poe yelled furiously, the man dropped the glass, as a pitcher fell to the floor. “P-Poe?!” “This pitcher of water belongs within the “Pit and the Pendulum”, not with the “Cask of Amontillado”! You feed him WIne! What is your reasoning for going behind my back…” Poe rambled, personally William was getting rather annoyed. He can’t necessarily blame Poe. Lately the stories have been mixing, and it’s not just theirs’. It seems as if Hawthorne and Alcott have run into some trouble as well. Lately the crook has even targeted Frost, making his ‘road less traveled’ take place in winter. Poe finished his rant, quickly upending the closest table to him; before dashing out the room. “Poe! don’t you think you could have handled that differently? You don’t need to go about yelling, and you especially don’t need to throw things!” “William! Though no one may ever read this book, I still would like this... ... middle of paper ... ... can’t be serious?” William stepped forward, “Oh, but I can.” “And just how do you plan on executing this?” “Easy! it is a journey we will Fare together.” “You are out of your mind.” “Am I?” The hall looked at Poe in silence. Bradbury stood, “If Edgar thinks this may be the only way, then I agree. I don’t see anyone coming up with more suggestions. So this must be the way to go about it.” “Very well then…” Carroll stood walking away, “This book was getting crowded anyway; we can use two less authors…” With that he took his leave. The residence hall grew silent, Poe and William looked at one another. “Poe…” “William… I think it’s best we carry through, before anything else happens…” WIlliam nodded and the two fled to the entrance. They opened the door revealing a swirling gateway. “Poe, how are we sure this is going to work?” “We’re not...” And with that he lept in.
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