The Book Of Negroes By Lawrence Hill

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A person never tends to be fully developed mentally at an early stage in their life. Certain events and situations can change them in a positive or negative way. In The Book of Negroes, Lawrence Hill explains to us perfectly how the main character, Aminata, adapts to her always changing surrounding and how she develops as a female throughout the story. Throughout Aminata’s crazy life, she has met people that have helped develop and shape her character. This book is a perfect example of a bildungsroman. The first people who aid her in developing her character are her parents. The second person are two people she is with on the ship and finally the third people are two individuals Aminata meets at Appleby’s plantation. Firstly, Aminata learns many life lesson as a young female in her homeland called Bayo. One of the first life lessons she learns comes from her father Mamadou Diallo, a jeweler who is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and biggest people in the village. He teaches her to be respectful to other individuals. He says: “You must learn respect…Then you must learn to hide your disrespect.”(p.25).This dialogue is a very important lesson that helps Aminata avoid countless situations that could go bad for her if she wasn’t resilient and hid her disrespect. Aminata also learns a lot from her mother. She acquires a very valuable skill from her mother at a very young age. Aminata learns how to catch babies. “I was catching babies as they slid out. My mother taught me how to reach inside a woman-after coating my hand with warm oil-and to touch in the right spot to tell if the door was suitably wide. I became adept at that.” (p19). This becomes an asset to her as she grows and is a slave. She was seen more desirable... ... middle of paper ... ...erious offence if anyone were to find out but it is an asset for her to have in her difficult life. Both these characters play a crucial role in Aminata’s life and aid her in developing from a child to a young adult. These traits that are passed down to her help her live the best life possible under the most deplorable conditions. In conclusion, Aminata Diallo develops as the story progresses. She learns early on from her parents to be respectful and catching babies. She then learns to be tough and to love from Fanta and Sanu and she finally learns to speak and write in different languages from Georgia and Mamed. All of these lessons she acquires throughout her life help her survive in atrocious conditions and help her reach a point where she is fighting alongside the abolitionist against slavery and at the end of the novel she writes a book about her experiences.
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