The Book Of Dead: The Book Of The Dead

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Death is much activity as it as for the living. In ancient Egypt death in this life was not the end of them intraorally. Ancient Egyptians studied and had knowledge of the afterlife, which they wrote about and is now called the book of dead. Through its history, development, unforgotten languages controversies, gods and the understandings the book of dead has fascinated many.
The Book of the Dead is an Ancient Egyptian funerary script, that contains numerous hieroglyphic that indicate magic spells projected to help a dead person's journey through the underworld, and into the afterlife. Spells would help the dead to fight creatures that they would face and ability to turn themselves to different types of animals for defense of creatures and
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Though, it was used by ancient Egyptians, from the beginning of the New Kingdom around 1550 BCE to around 50 BCE. When the person dead the priests would touch the mouth and eyes of the deceased with ceremonial tools. So that they would open their mouth, eyes and ears. That helped them in the afterlife to taste hear and for the god can listen to them. In addition they left amulets in their tombs to help with the afterlife. That then after the dead person was mummified so that they can keep their spirit the opportunity to reunite with their bodies, just ready for the flawless eternal life. However, before mummifying they would take all their organs out and put them in ceremonial jaws. Near the end of the Old Kingdom the book of the dead was mainly for pharaohs and high social elites. The magic spells were sketched on papyrus for pyramids and in tombs, of the dead. Since papyrus was really expensive not everyone could have the book of the dead. It would even take a laborers half a year’s earnings to purchase papyrus. Even though it was written by priests over the period of thousand years, priests and officials weren’t found having them till 17th dynasty. During the Middle Kingdom, a new funerary script developed, The Coffin Writings used a newer form of the language and new cruses. The earliest known existence of the spells contained in the Book of the Dead is from the coffin of Queen Mentuhotep, of the 13th dynasty, where
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