The Book ' Disappointed By Hope The Author, By Nicholas Thomas Wright

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In the book Surprised by Hope the author, Nicholas Thomas Wright, writes an interesting book that makes Christians think differently and deeper about ideas that usually seam the simple to understand. Wright makes you think outside the box. The most interesting parts of the book relate to the resurrection and life after death, most Christians would think they understand what is in store after this life time, but I would challenge them to read Wrights book and try to understand where he is coming from, he makes a lot of valid points. I am going to bring up the points of what happens after death, what our “heaven” is going to be and what it is not going to be, and about the assumptions that a lot of Christians, including myself, slip into when thinking about the after death and our souls. Everyone at least at one point in their life has thought about dying and their soul going up to heaven, and then thinking of a none believer and their soul going down towards hell. It makes since we assume up is good and down is bad. We see that all over our society, so why wouldn’t mean for our life after death, but this is a flaw in our thinking. We are not going to go anywhere for heaven, as Write states in his book “Indicates that this will take place within the context of God’s victorious transformation of the whole cosmos” (101). When People think of the word “Transformation” it is thought as our bodily transformation, not the earth. Think about this, God has made this earth for us. He gave us this world to live in, why would he get rid of it, God is not just going to scrape this earth we live on, but he will make into the heaven we think off. He will not only reconstruct our bodies, but he will make the whole earth perfect again. ... ... middle of paper ..., almost eerie way, but our loved ones will still be able to recognize us. Surprised by Hope by Nicholas Thomas Wright is a very interesting book that I think every Christian should read, or at least look at. Throughout the book Wright makes us think, he calls in question many things that most Christians feel comfortable about. The talk about the afterlife scares a lot of people, but Wright shows it in a way that makes me wonder why. We as believers should want to try and learn more. After reading this, myself included, I feel like most people of faith are blind to these options and don’t want to learn about it because it is not “important to our salvation”, Wright shows other. If we are honest and true we have a lot to learn and wonder about the afterlife, resurrection, heaven, and much more. We all need to start striving to know more about our faith.

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