The Bonfenbrenner Model Is The Ecology Of Human Development

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The Bronfenbrenner Model was created in 1979 and is the ecology of human development. This model is used in our everyday lives and change overtime with every milestone. It is an extremely important model because it shows how the impact from the environment, people, socioeconomic, and education has on a child. Throughout one’s life the Bronfenbrenner Model is at work. There are Four-levels of the Bronfenbrenner model, each can relate to a specific time and moment in my life.
The first level of the Bronfenbrenner model is the Microsystem. This system’s setting is the direct environment in the child’s life and its impact on the child. For examples your family, friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors and other people who have a direct contact with you are included in your microsystem. At the age of eight I had a handful of people in my microsystem: my best friend Staci and Tressia, my teacher Mrs. Perry, my mother and brothers and sisters, my neighbor Tyler, and my teacher a Sunday school teacher Ms. Monica. These people and the environments they were in, week-to-week, had a great impact on me. My friends Staci, Tressia, and Tyler all had an impact on the type of person I was around them. Likewise so did my
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The Bronfenbrenner bioecological model neatly organizes those influencers. Each level is so very important to a child’s development. Because of everyone and everything in my microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem, I am who I am today. I hold the life lesson of never giving up, because of my teacher Mrs. Perry. I have the relationship with my mother because of the transition with my ex step-father. I work hard because my single mother worked so hard to support us. I hope that in the years to come that my future children will have positive impacts, influencers, and environments in their circle. People in my life had a great impact on me, and I on them. That is the beauty of the Bronfenbrenner
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