The Boeing Company: Case Analysis Of The Boeing Corporation

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The Boeing Company is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes; along with rotorcraft, rockets and satellites. Boeing is one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers, second-largest defense contractor in the world based on 2014 revenue, and a large exporter in the United States by dollar value (LP, 2015); making them the world 's largest manufacturer of commercial, military aircraft, missile systems and space technology. The company is organized into five divisions, employs over 162,730 and consistent profits are being record. Boeing, year after year, has grown its revenue along with reducing the cost of goods sold, Selling General & Admin and income tax expenses. All of these improvements have…show more content…
through existing expertise of the takeover target) • Reduced competition Boeing/Lockheed consolidation has great potential to expand an ever growing industry. The Boeing/Lockheed could possible make this acquisition/merger number one in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, gaining approximately 19.29% of the market share. It will also allow for a cash surplus of about $9,000, a decrease to cost of goods, and an increase to cash flow from newly generated sources; with stock options increasing the value of both companies. Both Boeing and Lockheed have the potential to create a company that will bypass any other and generate a possible monopoly to the industry. Both Boeing and Lockheed are strong multinational manufactures of governmental and commercials aircrafts, missiles, rockets, satellites, and others; however, this power could be even greater by the combination of both firms. Boeing has the upper hand in the commercial field and Lockheed the governmental field, allowing for a great merge of two important fields; Boeing/Lockheed’s potential is unlimited. Boeing has the financing to back the acquisition/merger of Lockheed and the two firms could be a strong contending force in the aircraft

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