The Body Of Knowledge (BOK) For Medical Practice Management

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The Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Medical Practice Management, a guide to practice management, serves as a repository of industry knowledge, an assessment of competency, essential for success, and a learning tool to help professionals design and maintain efficient and effective operations for the delivery of patient-centered care. The Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) credential set the industry standard for over 57 years and the only board certification in medical practice management still today. ACMPE fellows regularly contribute to the BOK and ensure a modern assessment of the abilities, knowledge, and skills practice managers need for success. The Body of Knowledge address operational issues of 1) restructuring staff responsibilities…show more content…
Operations Management 1) demonstrates knowledge of industry benchmarks, best practices and total quality management techniques for process improvement, 2) demonstrates knowledge of master budgets, employment law, healthcare rules/regulations and the ability to apply project management techniques to support the strategic plan, 3) demonstrate skill to establish and coordinate processes for purchasing and asset management, and 4) demonstrate skill to provide a high-quality and safe…show more content…
Human Resource Management 1) demonstrates the knowledge to create, implement and manage a staffing plan, 2) demonstrate the knowledge of clinical and nonclinical staff retention, 3) demonstrate the knowledge to manage systems, processes, and structures for training and development of clinical and nonclinical staff, 4) demonstrate the knowledge of staff compensation and benefit plans, and 5) demonstrate the knowledge to evaluate staff performance. Organizational governance involves the ability to facilitate the corporate legal structure, define policy and define the organization’s culture. Organizational Governance 1) demonstrates the knowledge to facilitate the organization’s corporate legal structure and governance, and 2) demonstrate the knowledge to integrate the corporate mission, vision and values statement into the organization’s

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