The Body Mass Index and Obesity

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Childhood obesity is an illness when there is an excess of body fat that can potentially ruin the health and wellbeing of a child. To figure out your body fat to determine if you or your child is suffering from childhood obesity, it’s based on your B.M.I results. B.M.I is your ‘Body Mass Index’ which is just the measurement of your height and weight and then to compare your results to the table which determines if you are underweight, average , overweight and obese.
Australia is a developed country and child hood obesity is a new issue that has come a worry over the past couple of years. By living in a developed country these are issue that we are facing excess amounts of eating. Where there are third world courtiers like Ethiopia whitch is located in East Africa where kids are struggling to have clean drinking water let alone food. I believe as nation Australia should be ashamed of the issues we are facing with children being obese at such a young age. As a developed country Australia we have access to variety of food, including takeaway, whereas children in third world countries don’t.
Childhood obesity is contributed by many different factors that could potentially be life threatening.. Children that are obese often struggle with physical activity because of their excess weight which means they usually are replace fitness with things like; gaming and television.
Children that are obese enjoy eating junk foods like; lollies, chocolate, chips and fast foods but reality so does any regular child. Parents have a big influence on whether the child is going to be a young and fit or unhealthy and obese. According to ‘American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)’ if one parent struggles with obesity there would be a...

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... that includes healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, muesli bar and a wholegrain sandwich can help provide lasting energy for the day and will help the child to concentrated better. Compared to unhealthy takeway or canteen shop, that won’t sell nutrition meals that will give lasting energy throughout the day. By encouraging your child to join a team sport that they may be interested in will help with the physical side of things. By being a supportive parent and attending all sporting events with also help they stay committed. Once your child is following this type of lifestyle things like depression and not wanting to go out with friends because of being embarrassed will change dramatically. When having a healthy lifestyle your way of thinking is a lot more positive and by being healthy you will slowly lose weight so you can become confident in the body you are in.
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