The Blue Gold Film On Water Wars

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This Blue Gold film on Water Wars, directed by Sam Bozzo, has some very important messages; water is a necessary component for all human beings, its supply is running out faster than we are able to replenish the source. In my opinion, this video encourages us to save water, to understand the politics, and to help out in this water crisis. This reminds me of the book Mockingjay part 1. It 's seems like we are district 13, and the government is the capitol. They don 't care about who dies, and will do anything to make everyone follow their rules. In this film, the members of big companies, asked permission from the government to privatized the water. Just like in the movie, the capitol doesn’t care about who death of people, all they want is to take over. As an example; Africa was asked to grow more tea crops. Firstly, Africa doesn 't have water for all of their population to stay alive. Now the World Bank is asking them to use up all the water they have to drink, and use it to grow the tea crops, just so Africa can return its debt to the World Bank. This can really open your eyes, and make you think how selfish people can be. If you think about it, what is money? It 's just a piece of paper, with a bunch of words and numbers, that we give great value towards. We use it to purchase items, and trade items. Now these people in big companies, want more of that paper with greater value. They, don 't care who they hurt to get the paper. The big water companies can never be satisfied with how much they have, they will still go after more. In the film, there was a house in Africa that caught on fire, and the family didn 't have enough money to stop the fire. This reminds me of my trip to California. My mom 's best friend has a t... ... middle of paper ... ...o used the element of fear, by scaring us into imagining our future. The image he put into our minds of our future, is a future that none want. This is used as a motivational tool. We will change our lifestyles and try to save water, because of the elements Mr. Bozzo has used. When I was young I didn 't really care as to how much water I use, and still don 't a little, however, I limit myself now. After watching this film, I believe the most important way out of this crisis, is to use water for things that are necessary. This includes bathing, drinking, cleaning, and etc. We all take water for granted, but the people who don 't have water know what it 's like to live without it. They are the true water savers. At last I would like to say, water is very important in our life, don 't overuse, value it and never let it be privatized. Since water is our life source.

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