The Bloodiest Battle in the Civil War

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The battle registered the highest number of casualties and for this reason; it marked the American Civil wars significant turning point. The three days battle involved General Lee’s armies against George’s army. It happened in the town of Gettysburg and in its environs on July 1863. It is measured as the bloodiest moment in the history of American Civil war. A total of 50,000 men lost their lives (Hall 13). The two groups had earlier engaged in a serious war at Chancellorsville, where Lee’s army won. Consequently, Lee felt encouraged to engage in a second operation in Northern Virginia. He moved with his high-spirited army to the north through the Shenandoah Valley. When the union army realized his mission, they had to take defensive positions under the command of General Gordon. This happened in the second day of the battle. The war came to full-blown on the third day after series of confrontations near the Cemetery. Surprisingly the major reasons behind the war remain incomprehensible to most Americans. This article explores the implication of Gettysburg war on the history of American politics.
To start with, the Gettysburg war is a significant event in American history. The war is well thought-out as a major turning point of civil wars in American. Particularly, the battle led to triumph of union force, a thing that consequently brought civil wars to a halt. It was with respect to this victory that union army becomes automatic controller of northern Virginia, and pushing aside the Confederates (Desjardin 43). Consequently, the US government was now equipped with union army.
Secondly, the battle marked the sunrise of civil freedom for the American people. It all brought meaning of freedom and independence to the Americans. In ...

... middle of paper ... of one’s race. Subsequently, this led to the abolishment of slavery and establishment of laws that made the practice illegal. It also led to the centrality of power where the scope of the national government was widened. The war had also played a major role in the realization of the milestones we see today in terms of liberty, equality, and centralization of power which were influenced by Locke’s school of thought.
Gettysburg battle marks the most theatrical moment in the American civil wars. The battle gave America a new face as defeat of the Confederates meant Union Forces domineering. Most importantly, the battle had positive implication on American politics where democracy was more valued. These positive implications continue in up to date in American politics and economy. America’s freedom was also rationalized following this battle.
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