The Blind Side of Food

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“Our food system is 21st century, but our government’s food-safety system is stuck in the 1900s.” (Bryan Walsh). This is a 21st century of new technology and better health care, but our food-safety system can’t get any better. Food safety is not as safe as it should be. This is one thing that should not be taken for granted. We are dealing with people’s lives and their health. Our government does not care how safe our food is. These meat packing companies and corporations get away from lack of food and safety inspections because people in our own government have worked for these companies. Even though these companies are main source of food, and because of the lack of concern for the food-safety system there needs to be stricter laws on our food and health inspections for these companies. People go to the grocery store to buy food not knowing where their food comes from or how the food is treated before it’s put on the shelf. This is a real concern for everybody in America. We should wonder where are food comes from, what’s in our food, how is it processed or treated before it’s placed on the truck to be put on a shelf for sale. I did my own survey and the majority of people in my questionnaire shop at the grocery store or buy fast food. Most of them never shop at the farmers market. Some people said they try to buy healthier when they shop. It seems like people are trying to be more aware of what they buy at the grocery store. The big concern is fast food. It’s hard to save a buck and if a burger with everything on it only costs a dollar compared to buying vegetables for a dollar fifty a pound, people are most likely going to choose the burger to feed their family. More and more people buy fast food because it... ... middle of paper ... ...season is a start to tell are government that the American people want better and safer food. Tell your local government stricter food and health inspections and no to CAFO’s let these animals roam free and eat naturally. Works Cited Balkin, Karen. Food-Borne Illnesses. San Diego: Green haven Press, 2004. Carter, Patrick. “Where do you shop?” Questionnaire. Fresno: Heald College. 2010 Mills, Steve, and Eng, Monica. U.S. meat safety: How well done? 14 Feb McClatchy-Tribune News Service. 3 March. 2010 Walsh, Bryan. Putting a Price Tag on Food Unsafety. 3 March. 2010. CNN. 3 March. 2010 Trenkle, Allen , and Pollan, Micheal, Weber, Karl. Food, Inc. Public Affairs. May 2009. 3 March. 2010 McCruelty I’m Hatin’ It. 15 March. 2010
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