The Blind Side Sociology Analysis

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In the blockbuster movie The Blind Side, director John Lee Hancock brings to light an emotionally charged and compelling story that describes how a young African American teenager perseveres through the trials, tribulations and hardships that surround his childhood. The themes of class, poverty, and also the love and nurturing of family encapsulate the film mainly through the relationship that Mrs. Tuohy and Michael Oher build during the entirety of the movie. This analysis will bring together these themes with sociological ideas seen throughout the course. Michael Oher is a “lost” teen from Memphis who is extremely soft spoken despite his enormous physical stature. The term “gentle giant” could not be more accurate in his case. Throughout…show more content…
Ever since he was born he has been at an extremely low poverty level because of his surroundings, coupled with being raised by a single mom who tried her best but ultimately failed her children. The story behind the numbers video: “Which families are in poverty?” in our coursework highlights the issue of poverty among single parent families, which is applicable to The Blind Side. It is pretty noticeable throughout the entire movie that Michael’s economic position is extremely poor. After basketball games he walks around the bleachers to collect the fans’ leftover popcorn so that he can have something to eat at night for dinner. Also, in order to wash his clothes he must wait until somebody at the coin laundry building comes in to pay for a wash so that he can sneak his clothes in there too. Michael’s poverty has an extremely damaging effect on all other aspects of his life because of how difficult everyday life situations are for him. It also affects his level of education since that is not a priority in his family of…show more content…
This movie has a lot of credibility in my eyes because it is based of a true story. The course material that we have is accurately depicted in the film because it shows real life examples that are often seen in lower income families. By showing how Michael Oher came from a broken household that was constantly berated with negative influence, The Blind Side shows how important class, poverty, and the nurturing love of a family is for somebody’s

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