The Blessing of Barbie

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685 words

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world! Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! Ask almost anyone and they will be able to continue the Barbie theme song. American businesswoman named Ruth Handler, created the Barbie brand in 1959. Barbie is typically a tall, skinny, blonde who is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Ken, and has had at least 100 jobs. Barbie has become an American icon; she is present in almost every girl’s childhood for some period of time. Barbie is a well known, long lasting company and overall a good role model to young girls. Barbie’s trademark blonde hair and blue eyes has become an American staple. She is in toy stores around the world, and has been on the market for 54 years and is still going strong. The Barbie industry has adapted well to advancements in technology and social justice. Barbie now has many movies in a variety of topics ranging from traditional Christmas stories, to ‘Barbie originals.’ Barbie has also recently developed a web based TV show called “Barbie: Life in the Dream house,” this shows Barbie’s ability to adapt and thrive in a new environment. When Barbie first began, the only doll on the market was a blonde, all-American doll. However Barbie quickly adapted to the civil rights movement around it and started producing other ethnicities by 1967. Today Barbie produces dolls of all different ethnicities and backgrounds. Barbie has proven the test of time by surviving a major economy crash (in 2008) and being able to adapt to new technologies and social fronts. Barbie is often spoken of when it comes to having a perfect life; she has Ken, her boyfriend and any job she could ever want. Although these may seem like unrealistic ideals, Barbie is promoting making your own money and sh... ... middle of paper ... ...and, two kids and no job. Barbie shows children everywhere that being one's self is good and that one doesn’t have to get married, have children and stop working just to have an ideal life. Barbie is also an American icon and found in toy stores across the country, where her many makes and models of all different ethnicities continue to inspire since 1959. Barbie is sometimes perceived as a negative influence because she shows an unrealistic ideal of beauty, however I believe that Barbie is just an example of elegant beauty. The Barbie industry isn't promoting this ideal, just showing an example of a happy, successful and well-balanced workingwoman. She is a figure of a hardworking woman, who is well educated and exploring all opportunities available to her. Barbie is not just a doll, but also a role model. So go buy a Barbie, and put a paragon in a child's life.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that barbie is a hardworking woman with many jobs available to her.
  • Opines that barbie teaches girls that one doesn't need to get married to be in a long-term relationship. barbie and ken have been dating for over forty years.
  • Opines that barbie is an american icon and an example of elegant beauty. the barbie industry isn't promoting this ideal, but showing a happy, successful and well-balanced working woman.
  • Explains that ruth handler created the barbie brand in 1959. barbie's trademark blonde hair and blue eyes have become an american staple.
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