The Blair Witch Project

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The Blair Witch Project

As writers and producers saw the amazing popularity and success of the movie Scream many other copy cat versions were made. Movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend all followed the same teen slasher format. Nothing is being left up to the movie viewer’s imagination anymore. Everything for the past thirty years was spelled out and given to the viewer, leaving the identity of the killer as the only form of mystery. The genre of horror was losing a very important battle. The bone-chilling movies of the past were giving way to the comedic teen movies of the present.

With the movie viewing public practically begging for a new type of horror movie, two young filmmakers decided to take an approach no one had used for decades. Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick came up with an idea for a new style of horror film. These two gentlemen were independent filmmakers so their budget was fairly limited. From the small amount of funds and creative genius of the two filmmakers, the idea of The Blair Witch Project was born.

The story takes place in the small town of Burketsville, Maryland. An actual city of less than two hundred people. Before the spring of 1998 it was known for the pivotal civil war battle that happened there over one hundred years ago. Then a summer blockbuster about three college students who set off to this small town to film a documentary about a local witch turned the town upside down. An interesting approach...
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