The Black Atlantic As A Counterculture Of Modernity

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I would like to argue why the narrow perspective of slaves as the victim and not factors in slavery is ahistorical. It doesn’t include people of african descent in modernity and discredits slaves as dependent on their chains.
First off, without slavery capitalism would never have been able to prosper in the Atlantic Slave Trade. In America government transformed over the issue of slavery and shaped society even creating the ⅗ rule stating the more slaves the more political power. The support of slavery built America’s economic success which makes it the superpower nation it is today. Paul Gilroy expressed the idea that modernity cannot be discussed without talking about the contributions of people of African descent.( "The Black Atlantic as a Counterculture of Modernity.") I believe that modernity can only be examined when the tragedies and achievements of the past are included to explain the current state.
Victimization implies a state of helplessness, that discredits people of African descent as being unuseful to humanity. It takes away history and significance of Africa, starting the story not at the beginning but at when western civilization infected African lands, with the idea of colonization. Bleby in his speech in the 1858s addresses the British’s problematic self view of the inaccurate picture of Queen Victoria as a savior of the slaves who “hugged their chains.” (Speech of Rev. Henry Bleby) This is a political propaganda that “historically” absolves the sins of slavery as long the public opinion is that without the British slaves could not be free.
In America this is the main focus of slavery that is a shared belief taught in the education system. Slavery was tragic, but where would slave be if Abraham Lincoln ...

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...can descendant had to fight for freedom that others seemed to have been born with just because of the color of skin. However it only proves that no force was more responsible for destroying slavery then the slaves themselves using barefoot plebiscite.
People of African descent often are excluded from the glory of history books, and recognition to contributing modern society. I am persuaded that a focus on agency rather than victimization, not only gives people of african descendants credit but also challenges the idea that oppressors were the ones that free those who were oppressed. In addition to a new perspective on slavery that is not often taught. Understanding people of African descent historically is understanding the basis of modernity. A wise African Diaspora II professor once stated, “history did not just happen to Black people, Black people made history.”

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