The Birth of Human Ethics and Death of the Physical Body

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The Birth of Human Ethics and Death of The Physical Body
Living our life is about being happy, but often we misunderstand the meaning of happiness. In understanding the nature of living well and happiness philosophical systems, such as Confucianism and Epicureanism, can play important roles to explain the notion of happiness. Confucianism embraces ethical principles and behaviors in making one’s life organized within a collective society to attain happiness. On the other hand, Epicureanism expresses the ideas behind death that often becomes the barrier to our happiness. Epicureans also suggest possible mechanisms in understanding the truth of death that help people gain happiness in life. Both systems coincide in excluding the negative issues that create a gap in achieving happiness while promoting the idea of living well. However, both systems suggest that education and overcoming the fear of death are necessary in obtaining happiness and living well.
In the Confucianism system, teachings are wholly based on righteousness and ethics. Confucius suggests that righteousness should be spontaneous within our character rather than being a forced objective. We must act autonomously. One of the most important aspects of ancient Chinese Confucianism is a sense of duty and responsibility that can lead to greater happiness. The ideal behaviors, manners, and interests of the heart should be major agents in living our lives. These characteristics can be applied when worshipping ancestors. Confucius says, “Sacrifice as if [they were] present,” which means when sacrificing to the spirits you should comport yourself as if the spirits were present. The Confucius said. “If I am not fully present at the sacrifice, it is as if I did not sacrifice...

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... ideas can help people to grow intellectually, and to develop a mature character over the period of one’s lifetime.
Thus both Confucianism and Epicureanism suggest ways of living well. Our lives are full of struggles. Despite the ups and downs within our lives, we must be able to follow the right ways in shaping our lives and building a strong mental status that would help us enjoying the life. The main agent that would shape our lives toward a more pleasant life is our dedication toward learning about our surroundings, building ethical values, and also understanding that death is not a source of fear, but it should be the mediator in making our life more enjoyable by removing the fear. Thus the ideologies of Confucianism and Epicureanism suggest possible means in shaping our lives with moral ethics and fearless of death and provide valuable ideas on living well.
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