The Birth Of Witchcraft

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In 1716 New York City were required license of midwives, and those license placed the midwives in the role of servant of the state, city as a keeper of social and civil order. That time death of any child was not mentioned during delivery, but it is sure the childbirth was very successful 95 percent of the time. Men did not attend births during Colonial times, and it was considered as indecent. Also, at that time there were few doctors around in the city for those who can afford. History showed that women at that time didn't give birth with joy and ecstasy but they faced birth with fear of death. Doctors become more involved during delivery because the decline of the birth of witchcraft. In the new colony witchcraft was less practiced because of doctors’ involvement. Women started to view problems in birth as a part of nature, where doctor ruled. When medicines and doctors worked together with pregnant women then they gave over medical control but not the spiritual aspect. In 1752, Pennsylvania hospital in Philadelphia became the first permanent general hospital in America at that time was built specifically to care for the sick and pregnant women. Women and girls' awareness started to grow as time passed and in 1765 first medical school was built. First time in 1847, U.S organized the American medical association, which promote the well-being of its profession and also at that time under American medical association also passed the laws and regulations who could practice medicine. This act was so helpful for healthcare consumer and it also helped keep unqualified people from being claimed that they are qualified. In 1900, estimated amount a midwife earned was $678 compare to a physician who made up to $730. Physicians were only... ... middle of paper ... become a factor of death during labor. During the United Nation Millennium Development goals passed a bill in September 2010, UN security general Ban Ki moon launched a Global strategy for women and children’s health to save the lives of 16 million women and children over the next 4 years. People associate with this goal are working closely with pregnant women, children and parents’ health. There were total 8 goals and this is one of them. During pregnancy family’s support is very important for woman, whether she is American, Asian or African or anywhere in the world. Family members really need to be with pregnant woman at that moment to support their daughters, daughter in-laws or sisters. Women should have continues support of their family during labor and birth especially those women who deliver baby by natural birth. They need moral support at that time.