The Birth Of An American Nation

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The birth of an American nation began with the establishment of various colonies along the east approximately next to the abundant Atlantic Ocean. The colonies can be divided into 4 units. The colonies that settled in the New World were New England, Chesapeake, Middle Colonies, and the Carolinas. The European immigrants thought themselves as being the first inhabitants of the new nation, but were faced with a reality that Native Americans were already settled in the land. What was to come was years of hardship and war.
The colony of Chesapeake had begun with the first establishment of the English colony of Jamestown in the year 1607. The English immigrants who had established Jamestown were indentured servants, who agreed to work for an English company with the purpose of gaining passage to the New World. The colony of New England was also established similar to the colony of Chesapeake due to the fact that English immigrants seemed to escape life in England for a more free and un-ruled life in the New World. The Middle Colonies consisted of a variety of different European natives. The Carolinas was kept under the brutal rule of the British empire of that time.
Though the exploration of new land that lead to an influx of a variety of distinct people from the European continent, not all reasons for migrating to the New World were the same. The differences in the reasoning for the migration range from labor to religious freedom. The immigrants who arrived to what was to become the Chesapeake colony were indentured servants who were part of the London Company who was a private company who granted labor to servants in exchange for travel to the New World. The reason for establishing the colony of Chesapeake differed from the establi...

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...olonial times, and paved ways into what was to become a diverse America. People were allowed to think freely if there was an array of ideas rather than just a central belief. The Middle Colonies could have been positively affected by the diversity in ideas and could have been more tolerable and fewer arguments could have arisen. Tensions would have been less, which made room for a more comfortable environment in which its citizens felt welcomed rather than shunned away. Another factor that could be attributed to the Middle Colonies’ high survival could be their fertile and booming economy. The Middle Colonies highly emphasized the fur trade, which made it a lucrative market. The climate of the Middle Colonies made it possible to have abundant crops. These were the factors that I believe make the Middle Colonies more susceptible to survival among the other colonies.
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