The Birth Control Pill in the United States

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Have you ever thought that one pill could change a woman’s future? With increasing technology, many scientists and activists have changed the way of family planning all around the world. There are many advantages for women that come along with taking a form of oral contraceptive. Many people put a lot of time and effort into developing this pill. Margret Sanger was born in 1883 and who would’ve known that she would be the future feminist leader in the birth control movement in the mid 1900’s. She became a nurse in a poor down part of New York City, New York. While working in that part of town, Margret became concerned with uncontrolled fertility in conditions of poverty. She was later convicted of violating the law and spent thirty days in jail. Then Margret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League in 1921 (Lock 199). Gregory Pincus, an endocrinologist, in 1934 created a test tube rabbit that is then vilified as Frankenstein (Nikolchev). Then in 1938, a case involving Margret Sanger, a judge lifted the federal ban on birth control, ending the Comstock era. In 1950, Margret Sanger underwrote the research necessary to create the pill and she fundraised $150,000 for research (Thompson). One year later, Gregory Pincus and Margret Sanger met at a dinner party in New York. She talked him into working on the birth control pill with her. Also in 1951 a chemist from Mexico City, Mexico, Charles Degrassi, synthesized hormones from Mexican yams into a pill; on a chemical level, oral contraceptives have been invented but, they are not ready to be produced or distributed yet. In 1952, Mr. Pincus tested rats with the hormone progesterone and the experiment went as planned. Mr. Pincus met John Rock, a gynecologist, who has been test... ... middle of paper ... ...mpliance, inconsistent use and missed pills (Lock 199). The future of the birth control pill is unknown. During the 2000’s there has been a rapid expansion in different methods of birth control such as intrauterine devices, hormonal patches, vaginal rings, hormonal shots, female sterilization, implants and female condoms. More types of emergency contraception have become increasingly popular. In 2013, after many countless legal battles, the emergency contraception pill PlanB One Step has became available without a prescription and is on drug store shelves. More and more research is being done to have birth control provide greater protection against sexually transmitted infections. There is also research being done for an oral birth control pill for men (Lock 199). With new technology and different fields of science, the future of the birth control pill is unknown.

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