The Bill of Rights Amendments

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The United States constitution has an amendment process that has been included in the Bill of Rights. The amendment allows Americans to make changes to the September 17, 1789 United States Constitution, that was ratified and made law (Zink 450).. The amendment process has made it possible for the constitution to change moderately, than being overhauled, and it has been changed to adhere to the current times and changes. The Second Amendment to the US constitution is part of the Bill of Rights that guarantees all American citizens the right to keep and bear arms. This amendment gives citizens right to own a firearm. The right to bear arms and gun control is the most controversial amendment that has raised heated debate, among Americans. The right to bear arms has remained a hot issue in the United States. Every American citizen feel that, they have a right to gun ownership as guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights. I totally agree that all American citizens should be granted their constitutional right to bear firearms. Nonetheless, there should be certain restrictions on this constitutional right. After a number of reported cases on mass shooting of innocent people, American citizens have decided to fight for their right to gun ownership. The Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting is the recent saddened mass shooting case that outraged the public. In this shooting, 26 innocent lives were lost, including twenty children. After this mass shooting, the president called on congress to pass more stricter laws on gun control. What should be known here is that, a gun is a tool and not the cause of crimes, and therefore, Americans should not be denied their rights to gun ownership because of such cases. In finding a solution to... ... middle of paper ... ...c. Every citizen has been given a right to bear arms by the Bill of Rights; however, there should be stricter laws and regulations on the right to bear arms. The control of gun ownership and issuing restrictions on those who own firearms will help curb the massive killings and violence in the American society. Works Cited Levinson, Sanford. Guns and the Constitution: A Complex Relationship. Reviews in American History, 36.1 (2008):1-14. Print. Zink, James. R. The Language of liberty and law: James Wilson on America’s written constitution. The American Political Science Review, 103.3 (2009): 442-455. Print. Winkler, Adam. Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America. Norton: W. W. Norton & Company, 2013. Print. Carter, Gregg Lee. Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law. New York: ABC-Clio, 2012. Print.

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