The Bill Of Rights: The Roles Of The Bill Of Rights

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The Bill of Rights changed the lives of not only the men who crafted it, but it also improved the lives of all those around them who were proud to call themselves Americans. Without the Bill of Rights people would not have had the basic rights that are required in order for a nation to call themselves a democracy.The Bill of Rights was truly necessary because it amended many flaws in the Constitution, limited the government, and ensured unalienable rights. The Bill of Rights was not unanimously supported. The federalists did not think that the bill of rights was necessary. The Anti Federalists thought just the opposite. The Anti Federalists would not show support or approve the Constitution without the inclusion of a Bill of Rights. A well…show more content…
It introduced the concept of due process of law which stated that not only did not have to testify if they did not want to but also that you can 't be deprived of life, liberty or property without being processed duly.(Bill Of Rights Cartoon handout) The Bill of rights additionally established equality before the law. That meant that people had to be treated fairly before the law regardless of their social stratum.( American Civil Liberties Union) This prevented bias or prejudice to play a role in the legal system.For example It no longer matters if a citizen was a wealthy business person or a poor lowly farmer, both people had to be treated the same in the legal system. The 6th 7th and 8th amendments also were implemented. They stated that people had the rights to a speedy trial, a trial by jury, and no cruel or unusual punishment respectively( Bill Of Rights Handout). These three amendments improved the legal system of the American society. It gave people the basic legal rights that they had been stripped of by the hands of British rule. These Amendments played a monumental role in protecting people 's liberty and maintaining their basic unalienable rights which are necessary in order to create the nation that the forefathers were trying to create and to differentiate themselves from The british which the vast majority of the United States wanted to

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