'The Big Score By Daniel Mcginn's' America Needs Its Nerds?

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Americans always have educational judgment at the tips of their shallow, stubborn tongues. We just continue to throw money at education without getting the goals of what needs to happen fully developed. Aside from this issue of where we need to be when graduating a grade level, we have ones that could be fixed if we could just focus more within the states. The education system has many different problems including standardized tests, censorship of curriculum, and bullying of students which are most troubling to me because rarely, do we take steps to fix these problems.
We focus so much on preparing our students for standardized testing still today that students aren’t “really learning.” In “The Big Score” written by Daniel McGinn in 1999, he
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The things we label them are derogatory in meaning. In Leonid Fridman’s, “America Needs Its Nerds,” he writes about how we judge and call our own, names for wanting to be intelligent. Though when it comes to people not from the US we praise them for their intelligence. Fridman writes, “Nerds and geeks must stop being ashamed of who they are” (257). I believe he is saying that even if these “nerds” and “geeks” enjoy learning we should stop tearing them down for enjoying learning. We should praise them; help build them up. I have been called both names Fridman mentions in his piece. I strive to do the best I can so if that makes me a nerd, and if wanting to learn an instrument makes me a geek, then I will proudly accept those names. These people are our future. I also have had my share of being bullied because of who I am. I think it is because I strive to grasp the things I am taught at a higher level but I can only hope that we can one day stop the name calling all together. Students who like to study for hours rather than going to the movies or going to a party should be accepted for who they are as a person and not for their study habits. They will be who helps us into the nest century so we should stop being bullies and look to them to help teach others when we don’t know what is

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