The Big Lebowski Film Analysis

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705 words

“There's kind of a Zen aspect to bowling. The pins are either staying up or down before you even throw your arm back. It's kind of a mind-set. You want to be in this perfect mind-set before you released the ball.” Jeff Bridges describes bowling to be black or white; one pin can not both be up and down. However, the character whom Jeff Bridges portrays in the classic bowling noir film The Big Lebowski, the Dude, is far from black and white. Once he was an ex-social justice warrior protesting the Vietnam war, now he is hanging out with a disgruntled Vietnam vet. With a joint in his mouth and a White Russian in his hand, the Dude goes through life without a care, only waiting for his turn to bowl. Throughout the movie, the Dude is dragged into a series of unfortunate events, none of which are his idea. What originally started off with nothing more than a piss-stained carpet spawned into a faux kidnapping and the death of the Dude’s beloved friend, Donny. The plot, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jeff bridges portrays the character of the dude in the classic bowling noir film the big lebowski.
  • Analyzes how the dude's personality is his insistence to keep peace. he practices the free-love, hippie lifestyle, which is evident by his lack of aggression.
  • Analyzes how the dude's drug use is a constant throughout the movie. he is given to either be smoking weed or drinking white russians.
  • Analyzes how the movie depicts the daily slog of life at the bowling alley.

Instead, he goes to the bowling alley to contemplate life. Everything happens at the bowling alley. Whether it is Walter convincing the Dude to take action for his soiled carpet, Walter drawing a gun, or Donny dying, the bowling alley represents as the home base for the gang. In fact, if anything, the alley is a representation of the daily slog of life. “The act of bowling is an adapted symbol which I will take to be representative of the Myth of Sisyphus. Sisyphus tragic Greek hero who is damned to endlessly toil by repeatedly pushing a rock up a hill (and when it reaches the top, it rolls back down and he must start all over again)” (Kerr). The other commoners in the fluorescent lit room are stuck there, endlessly rolling the heavy ball with little to no escape. In his dream, he’s flying to Maude, and nothing can seemingly stop him. However, as he gets closer to her the ball drags him down, and he crashes back to

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