The Big Five Personality Test

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Recently I concluded “The Big Five Personality Test” in order to examine my personality traits and my ability to work in a team. This report will study how each individual trait influences my ability to and how I work in teams. The test examined five key traits; Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. The test has provided me with percentiles for each trait which identifies my personality.
Openness to Experience
Here I had a score of 0. Low scores tend to indicate that I am conventional, have narrow interests, down to earth and am uncreative. This illustrates that I prefer traditional and familiar experiences. As I am low in openness to experience it tends to mean that I enjoy following routines,
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This implies that I am extremely outgoing, social and energetic. “According to its definition, an extravert is high on sociability, talkativeness, energy and assertiveness”. As a result of me being an extravert, it will affect my ability to work in teams. This implies that I am a participative team member and am able to communicate effectively due to my social and talkative nature. Overall, I contribute to the team process in a confident manner. As a result of my confident manner and social personality, when working in teams, I have the ability to confront the team about ideas, issues and other decisions which need to be addressed. E.g. Campaign ideas. Therefore, I could be considered a leader of a team. I will almost always apply my knowledge, learning and experience to enrich the teams output as a whole. However, being an extravert does mean that I can be assertive and have the desire to be in full control of the team. Thus, this can affect relationships with other team members as I can be quite controlling over decisions, such as an advertising campaign. With my social interaction and leading capabilities I have the ability to influence the team to work productively and achieve good…show more content…
For this, I had a low score of 44. Therefore, I am neither extremely forgiving nor irritable. I can be considered critical, rude and harsh in team situations. In terms of the relation to teamwork, agreeableness is a definite plus. Cooperative individuals are ideal in many team situations since they are capable of handling collaborative work where all team members must get along, have meetings, interact, share information and be supportive when arriving to make decisions. With my low score of 44, means I tend to disagree with a lot of team decisions and approach team meetings with a critical, rude and harsh nature. Thus, some may find me hard to work with if making decisions jointly, is key for the success of the team. If a mistake is made by another team member, which affects the performance of my individual work or just general team performance, I tend to not a have a very forgiving nature and approach this issue harshly, without being sympathetic to their