The Big Bang Theory: The Ideas Of Evolution

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As humans mankind has always wondered where we have come from and what our purpose of life on earth is. Is there any other purpose other than to constantly reproduce amongst our species for survival? There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of stories, theories and ideas in where we came from. Some of mankind believes in different versions of religion, from Buddhism to Christianity. Others believe in that there is something out there but we as people haven’t found it yet, known as Agnosticism. Others are Atheist in that they don’t believe that there is a God. Some individuals believe we became what we are today from a big random cosmic explosion in space, known as the Big Bang Theory. Then there are others who believe that over a certain time period mankind has evolved from creatures for billions of year. This evolution theory is the main idea of the exhibit we visited for our Independent Assignment. Here at the museum you are to learn about what the earth looked like billions of years ago and how did humans and other species living on this planet change to what we see today. How mankind came from a single cell and became the men walking among the earth today. In this paper the explanation and elaboration on what the idea of evolution is, where the idea came from, and how it has affected earth though out time. At the evolving planet exhibit you go through different parts of the exhibit to explain the origins of where we come from. The first part is “Early Earth” which is when earth was very unstable and dangerous, similar to other planets such as Mercury and Venus. During this time unlike other planets such as Jupiter who are dominated by CO2, hydrogen and helium. Earth’s atmosphere is dominated by Oxygen and N... ... middle of paper ... ...xamples that show evolution exist. The exhibit use fossils to explain how there is an existence of similarities between the creatures who walk the earth today and who have walked the earth billions of years ago. Also how the Pangaea was divided into different continents and how plants and animals are only located in certain regions such as kangaroos, koala bears and other marsupials are only located in Australia. There are also other unique creatures located in other different parts of the globe, such as New Zealand. They also have a thirteen thousand year old human whom they found frozen in the snow that shows the world is older than 4,000 years as some other theory proclaims. I would recommend this exhibit to anyone who wants to learn the theory of evolution yet enjoy themselves with having fun with the activities, fossils, pictures and other fun teaching methods.

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