The Big Ban Theory

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Big bang theory
You have all probably heard of this theory: the big bang theory. The big bang theory is one of the most accepted models of our universe. This model estimates the beginning of our universe at about 13.8 billion years ago. The model states that at the beginning of all this our tiny universe was extremely hot and dense. However it was rapidly expanding. Right after our universe stopped expanding that rapidly, the first atoms where formed. These atoms are believed to be mostly hydrogen and helium with small amounts of lithium. The other elements are believed to be created in the nuclei of the numerous stars that where formed. The big bang theory offers an explanation that seems very probable for numerous events that we have observed. For instance the fact that other galaxies are moving away from our galaxy suggests that the universe is still expanding, and that it once was smaller, thus denser until the point in which the universe was infinitely dense or near infinitely dense. The model is uncertain what could have happened at the beginning. To really get technical the assumptions of the big bang theory is that there is no room, but infinite energy. In other words there is nothing with an infinite amount of energy. This is referred to as a singularity. However when the universe has reached the point of singularity physics as we know it would not be able to explain a single thing. A research on this topic found that a previous universe has collapsed, not to the point of singularity but very close to it, that the effects of quantum mechanics repulsed gravity, causing the universe to expand again and forming the universe as we know it today.
Arguments against
Since no one is certain what happened at the very beginning. T...

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...s to make the sky, let there be fertile and grassy soil with plants and trees. After this God made the sun, the moon and the stars. On the fifth day God filled all the seas with fish in all their kinds. God then proceeds to create birds, mammals, reptiles, livestock and finally mankind. Mankind is destined to rule the fish, the land animals and the birds. He gave mankind the responsibility to rule over the world and do whatever He wants.
Arguments against
If this theory where to be true, our universe would only be 12000 light-years in diameter. Since it is stated how the universe was created 6000 years ago, and since nothing can travel faster than light. This makes the whole theory redundant as we have observed multiple galaxies vastly exceeding the 12000 light-year diameter. There is also no proof or any evidence that backs up the existence of a god of any sort.

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