The Bible as the Word of God

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The Bible as the Word of God What would a logical person accept as proof of God? Would he require God Almighty to appear before him in order to acknowledge His existence? Would he apply this same criteria to everything else in life? For example, would he not believe in the President of the United States unless he saw him in the flesh? He might counter that he has seen his photograph, but this does not meet the original criteria. Such photos are evidence based upon other evidence. That is, confidence in the news media and photography. And what of George Washington of whom we have no original photographs? To believe in him requires that we depend on other evidence, primarily written documents by other men. In all practicality and fairness then, let us apply the same criteria to the proofs of God that we would to anything else in life...namely evidence that demands our belief and places upon us a responsibility. CREATION VS EVOLUTION Either man was created by GOD with a purpose and a destiny, as the Bible declares, or he is a multifaceted complex organism accidentally and with no reason or purpose formed from non-living nothing. If the latter is true, our innermost being is revolted at the loss. In addition, self gratification is the only value to physical life so "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!" On the other hand, if creation is our origin, how our being rejoices with hope and life takes on real meaning beyond the animal senses. We now have a purpose for living that gives our very existence real value. Let's examine the FACTS... ENTROPY1(second law of thermodynamics) Everything in the universe is in a state of progressive decay or disorder … slowing down and burning out. If evolution were ... ... middle of paper ... ...tion," Christian Victory Publishing, Denver, CO, 1968 3. Duane Gish, Ph.D, "The Bombardier Beetle" (Article), CRI, El Cajon, CA 4. Henry Morris, Ph.D, "Scientific Creationism", Master Books, El Cajon, CA 1987, p. 82 5. John R. Hand, "Why I Accept the Genesis Record," Back to the Bible Broadcast, Lincoln, Nebr.,1959, p. 47 6. Ibid, p. 49. 7. See Duane T. Gish, Ph.D., "Evolution, the Fossils Say No," Creation Life Publishers, San Diego, CA, 1973, p.49 8.See Henry Morris, Ph.D, "Scientific Creationism," Master Books, El Cajon, CA, 1987, pp. 78-90 9. Ibid, p. 81 10. Michael Denton, PhD., "Evolution: A theory in Crises," Adler & Adler, Bethesda, MD. 1985, p.323 11. Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, "Evolution from Space," J.M. Dent & Sons, London, p.24 12. Encyclopaedia Britannica, "Superunification and the Planck era," Encyclopaedia Britannica CD 97, 1996
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