The Bible: The Key Of Peace In The Bible

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There are so many keys to peace in just these four scriptures alone. Imagine all the keys of peace throughout the Bible. I encourage you to research every scripture in the Bible on peace. It will set you free!

We can see as we offer sacrifices of shouts and singing, our heads will lift above our enemies around us. When we give the Lord a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, it honors Him. We make prophetic decrees to our enemies that God is bigger than he is. You are separating yourself from the enemies lies when you honor the Lord with a sacrifice. This gives God permission in the courts of heaven to execute vengeance upon our enemies. We can activate our angels to fight on our behalf when we give a sacrifice to the Lord. When we
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We bring the fruit of our lips, meaning we bring words to God in prayer, that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name. We may not know how to pray. We may not know what to say. That is the beauty of the Holy Spirit because He knows how to pray for us and through us. As we pray in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit prophetically prompts us with words in our hearts to bring to God, our heavenly Judge. It has meaning and substance and aren 't words of babble. They are words that have power and that God pays attention to because it is coming from the sacrifice of our hearts. It is the place of honesty and sincerity and vulnerability that God wants. That is the essence of our being. The place of transparency. God already sees everything but in the place of transparency we can see ourselves in the light of God through His…show more content…
When we do, it may feel hard at first because our carnal man doesn’t want to give a sacrifice. As we persevere, we will break into a realm of peace that passes all understanding as we subject that carnal nature to God. The point is God wants that outer shell to break open. Sometimes that outer shell includes pride, hurts and wounding, etc. Prayer will break through to the core of our being and we will become a wellspring of peace. People will be in awe of the peace you possess even in the midst of crisis and they will long for the same peace. This is the weapon against our enemies that the devil doesn’t want you to practice because he is afraid of your place of peace. He knows that he will have to contend with God and not you. This is the place we want to
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