The Bible: The Cycle Of God In The Bible

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Audience: Young adults aged 18-25

All throughout the Old Testament there is a cycle: sin - judgement - cry/prayer - deliverance - reject God again. Think about it. It is almost in any Bible story that you have ever been told. Even in creation, Adam and Eve sinned, God brought judgment, they both cried out in shame and despair, God delivered them and removed them from the garden, only for their son Cain to reject God by killing his brother Abel and the cycle begins again. Think about the story of Jonah and the big fish. Jonah ran away and did the opposite of what God had sent him to do, then he got swallowed by a fish. Jonah realised what he had done and he cried out to God, God delivers him and he gets spat back out of the fish. He does what God tells him to do and the cycle continues. Just like we disobey our parents, the people of Israel disobeyed God. Then they would bring judgment upon themselves and get themselves into trouble, they would cry out for deliverance. God saves them once again and they are happy with God and themselves, then they disobey again.

Creation: The Bible begins with Genesis; when the very fibres of the world came into
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He is a God of loyalty and like a parent, He wants what is best for His children even if it requires discipline. The cycle of God as a redeemer is so evident throughout all of Israel’s history. Even after severing their relationship with God during the fall of Israel to Babylon, God still shows love for His people and offers them yet another chance to return to Him. All they had to do was repent and change their ways and God would bring them back from exile. This is the same as what God would do for each and every one of us today. No matter what we have done or how much we have rejected God, He still offers us another chance. However, through a new covenant of Jesus Christ we are no longer come under judgment when we sin but Jesus removes all trace of our sin when we ask for
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