The Bible Science

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In the universe, God is one of the most mysterious subjects so far. God is like that magician who both directly and indirectly has bonded the human being in his illusion and paradox. The persons who believe and consider the God, they always lie in the confusion that they might live where do, how, and why. And the persons who do not want to accept God be any element with denying the existence or sovereignty of God, even if they somewhere negatively are discovering the God. It is not that tills now no man has picked off this illusion of God and not found that conjurer God. God has found by only those persons who have been succeed to remove themselves beyond from the existence of illusion of God or not to break the mystery of that magician. But when it is happened that person merged within God and is himself takes as of God. This series has been taken off with human civilization of Earth. The god is defined either by spiritual manner or by adding it with science and to search God by scientific manner. Whichever mode of search of God one opts to argue for, it is also common to insist th...
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