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In the Holy Bible, Jesus speaks to the devil and states that God says that a human cannot live on just food, but also requires the Word of God (New international Version, Matt. 4.4). As Christ followers believe, this is a commandment from God that helps show the importance of scripture in the Christian faith. A major part of the religion is based on the Word of God and the faith that a follower has in these writings. When one reads the Bible, they are reading straight from God. This is the reason that the Bible plays such an important role in the Christian religion. But what is the evidence to prove that these “truths” are in fact, reliable? Can we trust the Old Testament? The Old Testament can be a somewhat controversial part of not only the Bible but also the Christian religion due to its “harsh” rules and laws that are expressed throughout it. Some people may say that the Old Testament is irrelevant because of the New Testament, but that is false. Without the Old Testament, the life and love of Jesus is insignificant. The Old Testament is preparation for all of the great things that…show more content…
They observe these books to be sacred, but not necessarily the Word of God. The apocrypha are the fifteen books that are omitted by the Holy Bible, that is used in the protestant Christianity, and the Jewish religion as well. These books have not been directly cited in the New Testament as Holy Scripture, or the Word of God. There is also no proof internally that these books were inspired by the Father. They have been proven to have errors within some of the books (specifically the book of Tobit) and even contradicts itself. Jesus refers to the Old Testament as noted earlier, and never shows any attention to the addition of this apocrypha (“Study Resources:: The Canon of Scripture”). The early churches never viewed them as scripture and so there was no inherent need to include them any
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