The Between Language And Language

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Many claim that as society and technology presses on into the unforeseen realms of possibility that our language is degrading with the introduction of net speech as some sub the way messages are conveyed through digital medium with an abundance of abbreviations, and an apparent disregard for grammatical structure. Net speech, however has not brought modern society to its knee and stopped the eternal forward march of our culture, but it could if it were used prolifically. The dumbing down of modern language is a dual edged sword on one it symbolizes the tendency for unwritten language to evolve, but on the other it forecasts the destruction of what we call the vernacular of today. The easiest way to analyze the connection of society and language is to view the inherent links between language and thought. In Source C a quote from Jerome Bruner, a influential developmental psychologist, is presented this said quote connects critical thinking to an oral language pointing out that a lack of language makes it difficult for articulate thought to be developed. Bruner is correct that a proficiency in language is connected to thought and that thought is connected to the creation and absorption of the cultural aspects of our society, but what Bruner does not connect with is the notion that much like modern English is to Elizabethan English this net English is simply another form of the same language. Language has a tendency to evolve in its effectiveness relying on the adoption of the masses in order to change the way that our society speaks, and this net speech is merely a new form of English that will not destroy the articulate nature of modern English or Elizabethan English. In source F the relationship between cognition and language i... ... middle of paper ... rivals The Book of Revelations. In her piece she contends that abbreviations butcher a language’s intricacies this contention disregards that abbreviations exist and have existed since English’s establishment. In an academic discussion of the status of society and its language biases must be cast aside, and all too often the opposition views the use of netspeak as insult to them personally ,as opposed to a shortening of the same phrase. While netspeak may not be the end all be all it remains important to think and write in what we call modern English as losing a language is a dangerous path to the loss of culture. All and all our society is not in decay because as of right now netspeak and English have found a happy medium that should be preserved as if it is thrown out of balance some of the frightening predictions on the English language may come to fruition.
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