The Between Criminal Justice System

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Punishing methodology initiated aeons ago therefore, making a norm to inflict pain on an individual. Imprisonment is a popular form of punishment used in society. However, “there are major differences among criminal justice system in duration of prions sentences and prison condition.” (Dammer and Albanese, 202, 2011) For example the way prisoners are treated in England and Wales would be different to the way they’re treated in Nigeria and how the laws are applied. Each country practises the justice system differently to maintain civilisation while striving to create peace and balance within their society. Besides, the various controversial contradictions on regulations, one objective point which can be agreed upon is the definition of prison. According, to Oxford dictionary prison is perceived as “a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial”. Likewise, Sykes (1958), Goffman (1961) and Okunola (1986) supplementary the definition by highlighting the key use of prison as a place highly secluded from the rest of the world with an entirely new order of control (Obioha, 2011). Additionally, how punishment is inflicted differs in various societies as it depends on their use of the criminal justice systems from being a punitive or rehabilitative nature. Countries such as England and Wales uphold the human rights and effort to challenge overcrowding, whereas in Nigeria it is notorious and prisoners suffer a brutal fate. This proposal paper will explore the modifications between Nigeria and England and Wales’s prison system as well as comparing and contrasting the features of prison and the treatment of inmates while, also viewing the problems of overcrowding prisons. ... ... middle of paper ... ...replaces countless corporal punishments for many countries such as England and wales. 200 years ago society primary relied on transporting criminal as well as hanging them to remove them from society. However, this ideology has been changed with alternative sanctions such as fines, probation and community service (Dammer and Albanese 209). While England wales has developed towards those positive pathway, Nigeria still upholds the old traditions such as death penalty and making criminals suffer. Many disadvantages have been related to the use of imprisonments such as the increase rates of reoffends after lease and the intensification of unemployment rates. Furthermore, prison focuses on moral, political and social arguments for sentencing, but above all the economic dimension is the main concern especially when around £40,000 is spent on incarceration (Anon, 2016).
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