The Between Consumption And Student Health

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The world today is consumer based. People in communities are looking for more accessible routes to get the products they desire. The study done in this project was to observe students in the university and how they consumed products that the university provides them. I also wanted to observe the relationship between the consumption and student health. In college towns, most people know that it’s always an active city. This statement is true in Oxford, Mississippi. Students are always trying to get something done. Most of the time during the week it is their schoolwork. The busy students aren 't concentrated on what they are eating, but just that they remember to eat. This is a key point in the study. People want products to be easily accessible and on demand. Provisions on demand stores are in every residential dorm and in some academic buildings. These stores, also called POD stores, are for the students who are on the run looking for a bite to eat or an energy drink to make it through the next class. These stores are convenient, but most POD stores have unhealthy options for the people eating the food. The Union, one of the social hubs on campus, has multiple restaurants such as Chik-fil-A and Subway. The restaurants are all fast food chains that attract the students who go to the Union. There’s only one salad bar in the Union compared to the other chains. Many students choose the other stores to eat at. This combination of lack of nutrition and exercise poses as a health issue. The legend of the freshmen fifteen isn 't a legend. Studies have proven that weight gain in freshmen goes up dramatically in the first semester. Students don 't have to eat the POD store food, but this is a very viable option for the student, because i... ... middle of paper ... ...nd calorie count index boards. The things the university does only matters if the students want to participate in the activities. Students will choose what they want over what they need most of the time. Many students could choose to eat healthy, but because of the convenience of faster and cheaper methods they will choose the POD store. Students have complete access to the Turner center, but many will push the idea of exercise out of their mind. The same concept goes with eating healthy, but it’s just not top priority for a busy college student.They rather go the easy route then take the time. This contributes to weight gain in college students, but the university can’t contribute anymore than they already have. The concept of health has some influence when it comes to the university, but it it boils down to the student when it comes to their own personal health.
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