The Better Advantages Of Traditional Shopping Vs. Shopping Online?

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With the development of world technology are more and more advanced, the digital economy and mobile payment are gradually universed to many people, the new payment method of shopping online is appear. Compared with the traditional buying goods in a store, shopping online is becoming more popular with people for it is convenient and original, obviously it has better and more advantages. “But there are also some shortcomings about shopping online which traditional way does not have, such as the quality problems, security problems, after-sales service problems and so on.”(Michal Pilík) People also need have careful attitude to it. So, we can know whether shopping online or buying in a store also each has its own advantages and shortcomings.…show more content…
Be different with buying in a store, the better price of shopping online is a universal advantage. “Around ninety percent people think the price is the most important standard, fourty two percent people think the discount sale is relevant to decide their choose online shopping.”(Michal Pilík.) Another research is about customers satisfaction on online shopping in Malaysia, it aims to find out the factors that are affecting customers’ intension and satisfaction to shop online. “Unlike buying in a store, shopping online can make the customers efficiency higer through the intelligent Internet.”(Hasina Mumtaz,Md. Aminul Islam,Ku Halim Ku Ariffin,Anayet Karim.) It can provide the production informations to customers directly and quickly, which is better to save time、power and money. But buying in a store also has some advantages, which online shopping does not. For example,when you would like to buy some experienced productions, such as clothes and jewelry;at this time you must select them in store to sure the quality, because online shopping you are uncertain if it is suitable. In additional, sometimes customers are unsatisfied with the production and servation of shopping online, the goods may not send to destination in time, these will cause customers annoyed. However, compared with traditional shopping way, online shopping obviously own better advantage . It pays more attention in customers feeling and
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