The Betrayed Becomes the Betrayer: The Benedict Arnold Story

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The Betrayed becomes the Betrayer

. The Revolutionary war era was a tragic and bloody one for the early settlers of the lycoming county. Full of soldiers fighting, thieves stealing, rats snitching, and traitors betraying. One of the most famous Traitors, and most disgraced traitor was Benedict Arnold. Known as a notorious traitor to his once beloved country. However is the traitor really getting his just deserts? One needs to ask themselves before judging a man's Actions, What caused Benedict to betray his country? Does one just up and betray his country, After he fought for over three decades, twice wounded in courageous fighting. What madness could causes such unpatriotic Decisions from such a highly decorated general? Was it all just a “get up” from the beginning?
Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut. He learned the Apothecary (pharmacy) Trade and, in 1762 started a book and drug store in New Haven Connecticut. He also continued trade with the Caribbean Islands. By 1774 Arnold had become one of the most wealthiest men in New Haven. IN 1767 Arnold married the sheriff’s of New Haven County daughter, Margaret Mansfield, Within a year later she died. In 1774 Arnold ranked captain in the Connecticut military. soon After the war began He was promoted to colonel in the “patriot Forces”. Later that year Arnold and Ethan Allen led the capture of “Fort Ticonderoga” in New York on May 10, 1775. After Which Arnold led over 1,100 soldiers into Canada. Without choice he cooperated with General Richard
Montgomery in an unsuccessful Assault on “Quebec” where Arnold’s leg was severely wounded in the assault and his courage won him a promotion to brigadier General. Arnold Had many disappointments, such as being...

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