The Best Way to Get through an Airport

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The Airport Process

Your first time planning for traveling on an airplane can be pretty extreme, especially going through the airport process. The long lines and pushy officers can make the airport navigating process not such a desirable experience. My quick guide will help you plan accordingly and get through the airport without slowing up the line, and you will “fly” through this portion of your journey with ease!

The very first thing you have to do is purchase your ticket in advance. You can do this through an airline travel agency or online. The online ticket purchase should give you an option to print out your boarding pass, which is highly recommended. There might also be special discounts when purchasing your tickets.

The next thing to do in being prepared is to pack your bags. Most airports only let you have a small carry-on item with you on- board the plane. There is a lot more to being prepared. Some precautions before getting to your airport would be to wear slip- on shoes that will be easier to remove in a security line. I would also recommend that they be comfortable because you might have to stand in the line a longer time. Also avoid wearing metal like belts or jewelry, but if you do you’ll have to take it off at security. Make sure you package your liquids and gels appropriately and that your liquids are in a zip lock plastic bag. An important thing to do is to pack your luggage in an organized way, so if the security officers do have to open your bags, they can just check it out and they won’t have to rummage through the bag.

You should always arrive at the airport two to three hours before your flight’s departure time. One can never be sure about delays or how long checking in or getting through securit...

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...mfortable clothes that you will be sitting in for a while. Some people also prefer to bring gum to chew because of their ears popping.

Once it is time to depart the plane try, to be patient in getting off. Try to get your luggage as quick as possible and leave the plane immediately so others can get through. If you have another plane to catch be sure to find the departure time for your next flight, but if you are done for the day you can go get your luggage where it is returned. Be sure to grab the right luggage.

Now that you are done with the airport process, it is time to enjoy the rest of your traveling experience! You may have learned a lot from your first airport process, and it does get easier as you go more often. The number one thing is to always be prepared, and I hope the steps outlined in my quick guide allow you to have a great traveling experience!
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