The Best Thing Parents Can Do

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It’s very important for parents to plan early to ensure their children turn out well. In the beginning, parents should have experience in raising children because they are the future of our world. I completely agree that taking care of children is one of the greatest and hardest jobs in society. Children need a lot of attention to help them learn how to deal with life. Also, parents have to show their children how to be behaving and what is the best to do in certain situations. Furthermore, parents may interrupt the children is action if it harms them or their friends. Many children think that they know more than what parents can understand, and sometimes parents do misunderstand what their children are going them through. I believe that it on depends the parents and their use of techniques to ensure their children turn out well such as show respect, modest, and how to be successful in their life.
For one thing, parents should show respect so their children would respect others as well. It is essential that kids should be polite and therefore parents should push their children to use polite words and a kind tone of voice. For example, my brother is a father of two children, and he doesn’t allow his children to yell or shout in a loud voice. He teaches them how to be polite especially in the presence of other kids in the neighborhood. Also, it is more appropriate that children say hello and welcome to people in the community. I’ve seen many parents that do not care about other people which reflect negative behavior on their children. I always push my kids to use nice word when they welcome visitors. Asking others how they are can make them happier and closer to us. Another important issue is how to deal with school. Parents sho...

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...ildren respect, modest, and successful. The relationship between parents and child is a kind of friendly one. Good parents always know how to look over the children. They always get interact with their children and they don’t make them feel that they are living in lonely world. Parents and children must have one goal; they must cooperate together for success. I really can say good parents who become a teacher of their kids when they need them. Also, good parents know how to teach their children in a very positive way; and how to respect parents and others. Parents can prompt them to use polite words and a kind tone of voice. Our children need to know that we are human and we make mistakes sometimes. Parents are soulful and dependable; they are ready for any help or advice. I look forward to be my kid’s and make it easier for them to succeed in their life and school.
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