The Best Method of Medicine for the Treatment of Cancer: CAM or Drugs

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Cancer is an important health problem that has strongly increased over the past couple of decades. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1,638,910 people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year; that is around 187 people per minute. This disease is ranked as the second most common cause of death in America. With cancer being so common today, there needs to be an effective and relatively fast treatment plan to cure the victims of cancer without causing more harm to them. Extensive research and analysis is critical to determine the best method of treatment. Cancer can be fatal but recent advancement and better understanding of the disease has produced major triumph in overcoming the ailment. Aside from patients feeling overwhelmed by being diagnosed with cancer, it can be extremely difficult and stressful to make a decision like this that will ultimately lead to life or death. The best treatment plan for cancer patients today is most likely combining CAM and drug treatments to lower the amount of side effects while shrinking the tumor size and inhibiting any further growth, thus curing the patient.
There are a variety of forms of cancer which makes it harder on the doctor and patient to choose a treatment plan. The two most common types of cancer are breast and colon cancer. It is already estimated that over 300,000 people will be diagnosed specifically with these two types of cancer by the end of this year (ACS, 2012). This number needs to be lowered but before that can happen an effective and reliable treatment plan needs to be established. This plan will not only help current and future patients conquer cancer, it will provide valuable information about the disease and doctors and scientists can...

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