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1056 words

InTake this Man, written by Brando Skyhorse, Brando portrays himself as a child who is in an awful environment where a berserk mother raised him. After being told that his biological father abandoned him, Brando was emulating his other father figures that unexpectedly came in his life because he was seeking a role model for admiration. Eventually, readers discover that these “fathers” were lacking the beneficial characteristics of what a father should provide to his offspring. However, most readers would acknowledge that Frank was the best father that came in Brando’s life. Throughout the story, we identify that Frank attempts to guide Brando when he hits his lowest points and commits to assisting Brando even though Maria prevented Frank from being involved with Brando. This demonstrates how Frank possesses some favorable qualities of a father.
Some may beg to differ and argue that Rudy was the best father in Brando’s life because he was able to provide money …show more content…

For example, in this quote, “”Now, remember, if you do buy this car, it has nothing to do with him,” Tony said, and brushed his hands at me. “This will be your car and you’ll be giving it to him.” Frank glanced at me, rubbed his double chin. “Yeah, let’s go ahead and do it like that.”, when Brando needed to buy a car, Frank helped him by financing it. Throughout the story, none of Brando’s “fathers” gave him the privilege of buying a luxury such as a car. Another example was how Frank also visits Brando in a book tour to get his book signed, which is presented in this quote, “A month later, I was back in Los Angeles, on my book tour at a reading in Pico Rivera, a city adjacent to Whittier. I arrived to the bookstore manager telling me, “Your father is already here.”. This quote is fundamental because Brando exposed how Frank was the only father to give him support and

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how brando skyhorse's take this man portrays himself as a child who is in an awful environment where his mother raised him.
  • Argues that rudy was the best father in brando's life because he was able to provide money to continue paying for his tuition.
  • Analyzes how frank was a hardworking man trying to earn money, unlike an immoral father like robert, who stole other people's possessions to finance money for brando.
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