The Best Day Ever

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From inside the locker room, I could hear the crowd screaming my name among others, "Miller, Miller, Miller! Kulesa, Kulesa, Kulesa!" My best friend Kelsey Miller and I were the co-captains of the USA Olympic Field Hockey Team. We were considered rookies and lucky. Rookies because this was only our first year on the team and lucky because our other team members had voted us, out of everyone to be the captains. Since we were captains we both got to have a "c" embroidered on our uniforms. We have been best friends ever since I could remember and when we both made the United States Olympic team it was a dream come true. This year the Olympics were in Jamaica and the atmosphere of the arena was beyond fantastic. We had beaten everyone from Poland to Russia, and we had made it to the gold medal round. While we were undefeated our opponent was the undefeated Shanghai' team. Since they were known as the best team in the world we knew it was going to be a tough game, because we were only known as the dream team. Right before the game was about to start and we were about to take the field, all of our team mates were either wrapping their sticks out of habit, pacing nervously, or adjusting their hair to make sure it didn't fall out and taking off all of their jewelry. As we were walking out onto the field the crowd was cheering, "USA, USA, who are we? USA!" When the game started all of our pre-game jitters went away in just an instant. When the referee blew the whistle and the game began, we didn't anticipate Shanghai to be so fast. Our opponent scored 2 goals within the first five minutes of the game, and we were losing 2-0. We knew we had to come back and we also knew it was going to take all the speed, strength, and stami... ... middle of paper ... ...ever ever been in a stadium that was so loud. After we got over the fact that we had just won the gold medal in the 2020 Jamaican Olympic Games, we were transported over to winners circle were we were going to receive our gold medals. As the medals were being put around our necks I looked out into the crowd and saw my mom and my dad along with all my others teammates parents in tears. Not only did I see my parents, I saw my country, the red, the white, and the blue. After we all had received our medals they played our national anthem and raised the American flag. We were all shedding tears and we were so happy that we made it as far as we did. Later we went out to celebrate and I was able to visit with my family who just got to Jamaica in time for the game. I told them the ups and the downs and of how WE became the greatest field hockey team in the world.
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