The Best And Most Popular Comedians Of Kevin Hart And Chris Hart

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Kevin hart is one of the best comedians of all time. Did you know that he is also a really good rapper and basketball player? He has won lots of awards for acting and stand-up comedy. This essay will talk about Kevin Hart’s childhood and the thing he did to get to the place he is today, and also details about how he made his mark on the world. As probably one of the best and most popular actor and comedian of today, Kevin Hart didn’t always have it so easy and so good. He was born on July, 6, 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up with his father going in and out of jail, fighting drugs and the government. He mostly grew up with his mom and his brother, Robert living in Philadelphia. Kevin was a trouble maker and a class clown in school. He used to love watching comedians like J.B Smoove, and Chris Tucker do stand-up comedy, they were people that he really looked up to and they influenced him to do what he does today. He went…show more content…
Chris Tucker probably another very popular comedian most known for staring in his hit movie “Friday”. Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart are very different and they have ups and downs and they’re alike in ways. Kevin Hart came from the struggle to one of the richest people in the world. Chris Tucker came up the same way but very much different. They have very different types of comedy Kevin Hart is a comedian that really talks about his past experiences and makes them really funny, Chris is more an on the spot type comedian like he’ll point someone out and make a joke about them. Kevin is a little man trying to be big. While Chris more a man trying to just the best out of the moment. Kevin growing up looked up to Chris Tucker and it made Kevin a better Comedian while Chris didn’t have all these comedians to look up to while growing up. They both are soon to be legends and keep doing what they do best and putting smiles on people’s
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