The Best American President Abraham Lincoln

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There have been forty-four U.S. Presidents over the past two hundred and twenty four years. Some were very successful. Of those few historians, Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents that ever live. He is responsible for preserving the union, freeing the slaves, and enacting various new policies. Lincoln was a president that never gave up and put his people first. He was strong, confident and believes in his principles. Some of the presidents were least successful. Of those few historians, Herbert Hoover wasn’t very successful while he was in office. He was considered to be a terrible president because an awful thing occurred on his watch. Which was the Great Depression. Lincoln did not agree with slavery ever since he was child. When he was young he visited places in the South and didn’t like what he witnessed at times. He grew up in a poor family and an abusive father. Lincoln lost his mother at the age of 12. He grew up to be a very smart boy even though he been through so much. He didn’t smoke, chew tobacco, or drink. He acquired an English grammar, and taught it t...

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