The Bermuda Story: The Truth Behind The Bermuda Triangle

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It is impossible to say that the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle has never once pondered your mind. In fact this seemingly unexplainable occurrence of the North Atlantic Oceans has haunted the souls of countless people since the mid-1800s. The truth is, the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle has been solved decades ago. However, this information has never been publicized in cooperation of the Devil’s Act of 1920 signed by the world leaders in order to “keep the peace”. But the origins of this story have a far more complex past than anyone could imagine. Eons ago, when the first beings of humanity walked the face of the Earth, Adam and Eve. The devil, jealous of God’s newest creations, desired creatures of his own. Ones made from his own…show more content…
“Why, I am Lucifer my dear.” answered the Devil. “Lucifer, is it? Is that the name that my husband, Adam, has given you?” inquired Eve. “No, it is not. Our Father, the Almighty one has given this name to me. I am an angel.” the Devil responded. “If that is so, then why, Lucifer, do you suggest that I defy Him, Our Father, who has named both you and I. The one who has promised us the beautiful land all to ourselves. And He who has assured us eternal life if only we obey Him. Why do you ask such question?” “Do you not thirst to know the secrets of the seas? Do you not want to be able to create creatures as beautiful as you and I? Do you not want to know why He knows all that is and was and will be and we know only what we are now and not what was or is to come? The knowledge that will be obtained with the devouration of this fruit will allow us to know what He knows thus making us equal to Him. And if we are equal to Him, we will be one with Him. If you do not wish this to be, then the fruit shall not be…show more content…
Instead she gazed up to the heavens , then at the fruit, and to the heavens once more. She had not yet seen the serpent; therefore she turned to face him. She examined his body with her eyes. His candescent skin reflected a melange of reds, blacks, and greys upon his scales. Amazed at his beauty she reached out to touch him, but he leaped back with caution. Her eyes were still fixated on his. In his eyes saw nothing thus was oblivious to the evil soul he possessed since since she did not know of wickedness. She trusted him because of his beauty. “If we are to eat this fruit then our Father will be pleased at our intelligence?” Eve asked once more. “Why yes my dear, He will be tempestuous” Lucifer said with his devilish smirk. She hesitated once more then took a bite out of the fruit. She moaned as the sweet juice of understanding rolled down the sides of her cheeks and as bitterness the absolute knowledge spiked her tongue. Intrigued by the taste, she took the fruit to Adam and he too, fed on the fruit. Within moments their innocences, like a cloak, fell from their bodies and onto the ground. The sound of such purity hitting the ground could have been compared to the collapsing of a large building. From above, God questioned his two children and afterwards, they were condemned to a mortal life; however, considering the future, immortality would have been the better punishment. Lucifer immediately picked their innocence off of

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