The Benefits of Space Exploration

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Many citizens of this country often wonder why our government spends millions of dollars on space exploration every year. Well, new observations and data are essential to our society to advance in the understanding of life and the possibility of life on another planet. In reality, science is the true foundation for technology and economic growth. We cannot constantly depend on current facts and knowledge; rather, we must look beyond the horizon and expand our understanding about the world around us. Yes, we have to take risks and continue to move ahead. Without space exploration, this whole planet would be in ruins because of lack of study. Imagine this world without any broadcasting systems to warn people about unfavorable weather conditions, new presidents that are elected, and even the daily news. Not only will this destroy the lives of people, but also, will not allow people to be able to communicate with others living on the other side of the globe. I am willing to share my opinion with all of you today because I believe space traveling is a requirement, and has guided us to nu...

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