The Benefits of Securing Patient Privacy

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Although hospitals and staff members have lost credibility over the past years, many other hospitals have been contributing their part in the battle for patient privacy. “You may have the right to inspect and obtain a copy of the health information that may be used to make decisions about your care” states the Stanford Hospital in their pledge to protect patient privacy. Actions as such can credit the hospital with prestige along with giving the patient a feeling that they are in control of their information and the hospital is only handling according to patient preferences. Furthermore, Stanford Hospital provides patient privacy by acknowledging the following patient rights: Requesting an Amendment or Addendum, and Accounting of Hospital Disclosures forms. Moreover, Patients have the right to request confidential communication restrictions. “You have the right to request an accounting of disclosures which is a list describing how we have shared your health information with outside parties.”(Stanford Hospital) With actions which simply enlighten the patient on what they can do if they feel their privacy is being violated, the patient can develop comfort and stop being an outsider to their own information. Most of the times a patient may be too embarrassed to ask question regarding their own right. Pauline Chen, MD, suggests that patients often feel “trapped” in communication patterns with their physicians. If the hospital takes the initiative to come in contact with a patient and make them aware of their own rights then both parties (patient and hospitals) are doing their part to establish a secure relation. Another way in which doctors can build upon their credibility regarding their support of privacy is by advertising that the ... ... middle of paper ... ...m between the physicians and doctors. Overall, Privacy for patients has taken damage due to the fast paced advancements in technology. Everyday patients are at risk of having their information shared with other which could lead to potential discrimination and shame. Many medical facilities argue that disclosing patient information is must in certain cases for the good of science, but the truth is that privacy violations are not justifiable under any cause. Patient privacy should be conserved at all cost because relationships between staff and patient improves making it possible for a better work environment. Conserving privacy ensure that hospital maintain their high standards and prestige among other hospitals. Lastly privacy opens doors for medical research to be successful. Will it be a world of patients unsatisfied patients or a user friendly medical facilities?
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