The Benefits of Securing Patient Privacy

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Privacy for patients in the medical field continues to be a controversy in current day. Doctors and researches struggle to set boundaries on determining how much patient information should be disclosed. During the first half of the 20th century, ethical laws such as disclosing confidential information were not active, thus many patients across the world were denied their essential need for confidentiality. As years progressed, privacy became a right, enforced with the signing of HIPPA in 1996. HIPPA protected patients by making the disclosing of patient information against the law. Even though initiatives as the ones mentioned were taken, Privacy continues to be violated in today’s society, therefore it must be understood that privacy is crucial because it develops trust bonds between the patient and clinical staff, privacy gives credibility to the doctors/nurses and lastly privacy sets up a relationship for effective medical research. Many people across the world do not understand the importance of maintaining the doctor/patient relationship because to them it is only a meeting of business or work. The reality is that by leaving privacy intact, the clinical staff and patients are actually developing a trust bond. According to Laura C. Pollen, writer of Clinic Staff Relationships Affect Patient Satisfaction,” a new scale known as the Work Relationship Scale (WRS), can be used to measure these relationships and may help optimize care delivery in the primary setting.” The mentioned scale revealed that nurses were more willing to make changes in relation to their development at work and that the rest of the staff were more involved in the giving and receiving of feedback. The conclusion can clearly be drawn that if the patient fe... ... middle of paper ... ...privacy of patients seems to be at its most vulnerable point. Nurses specifically seem to play a significant role in the developing of hospital credibility. Current social media such as Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram prove to be overwhelming for some people in the medical field. Such is the case for at least five nurses at Tri City Medical Center in California. The nurses are accused with posting patient information on Facebook. As harmless as this may seem in the moment that the information is posted, In the long run, the sharing of confidential information in a social network can have negative effects on the parties involved (nurses, patients and hospital). After finding out that patient information is being shared in a social network, other users may become wary and reluctant to give their own information with the fear of being “betrayed” by the hospital staff.
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